Le-Mat 290 SL insecticide


 290 g/L omethoate


Le-Mat has been re-instated for use in pasture, cereals, canola, pulses and poppies in 2019 – refer to the current Le-Mat label for full details.

Le-Mat is the proven name in mite control giving reliable pasture protection against redlegged earth mite for up to 6 weeks.

Le-Mat controls redlegged earth mites, other pasture mites, lucerne flea and some aphids in cereal, canola and pulse crops, grass and legume pastures and poppies. 

Le-Mat is a systemic insecticide, where the target insects are rapidly killed by direct contact or by feeding/ingestion of plant material after application. 



  • Residual: gives up to 6 weeks residual activity 

  • Versatility: can be used as a foliar, barrier or bare-earth spray 

  • Systemic activity: will kill in the densest pasture 

  • Reliability: has provided many years of dependable knockdown mite control and residual plant protection 

  • Rainfastness: rainfast ONE hour after application 

  • Compatibility: can be mixed with a range of herbicides 


The TIMERITE package developed by CSIRO and supported by AWI provides a reliable and effective option for control of redlegged earth mite (RLEM). 

TIMERITE provides farmers with the date for a single spring spray that controls RLEM through to the following autumn. 

For a short time in spring, after RLEM have finished laying normal winter eggs on the pasture, but before they produce their over-summering eggs, there are no eggs present. 

This is the ideal time to spray because eggs are impervious to sprays. Controlling mites in this period means that the whole population can be affected, leaving no mites the following autumn.

On average, a single spray at the critical time in spring resulted in 93% RLEM control in autumn eight months later. 


  • Spray as close to the date as possible.
  • If you can't spray within a couple of days of your date, use Le-Mat within a 2 week period leading up to and including the optimum TIMERITE spray date. 

Residual chemicals will kill more mites as they will still be active for a period of time after spray application. 

For more information on the TIMERITE program and when to spray, go to https://www.wool.com/woolgrower-tools/timerite/ 

Redlegged Earth Mite Control in Pastures (% control)


Effectiveness of omethoate (residual) and industry standard (less residual) on RLEM in pastures. Ref: John Seidel, lucerne pasture, Howlong NSW