Important changes to Le-Mat insecticide registration

In December 2016, the APVMA concluded a chemical review of omethoate. The residues and dietary assessment did not support any uses of omethoate that could result in residues in food commodities.

As a result of the regulatory decisions, the below supported uses were issued:
• barrier spraying (not in-crop) for red-legged earth mite
• use on ornamentals

Arysta have consulted with the APVMA and have invested in a residues program to support the use of Le-Mat in various crops. As a result of this work, the APVMA have recently approved Le-Mat for use on cereals, canola, pulse, faba beans and poppies.

Outcomes of the APVMA evaluation have led to some changes on the label regarding crops, withholding periods and critical comments.

Summary of Le-Mat label changes:

1. ‘oilseed’ has been replaced with ‘canola’

2. ‘legume crops’ has been replaced with ‘pulse crops’

3. The following restrictions have been placed on application in regards to growth stage

  • Cereals: DO NOT apply after BBCH 29
  • Canola: DO NOT apply after BBCH 30
  • Pulses: DO NOT apply after BBCH 30

4. Withholding periods have been amended to:

  • HARVEST: Not required when used as directed
  • Canola, cereals, pulses: DO NOT GRAZE FOR 14 DAYS AFTER APPLICATION

Arysta currently have an application with the APVMA to also reinstate the use of Le-Mat on pasture. This is still subject to evaluation and review by the APVMA. Review outcomes are expected in early 2019 (quarter 1).

Please refer to the revised current Le-Mat label on the insecticides product page.