Le-Mat reinstated for use in pasture

Arysta LifeScience is pleased to announce the reinstatement of Le-Mat insecticide for use in pasture.

Le-Mat has been the go-to insecticide for controlling redlegged earth mites in pasture for decades. It’s known for it’s reliability and effective residual control, particularly in regards to the ability to calculate a single spring spray date to control redlegged earth mite (RLEM) through to the next autumn.

Following a review of omethoate in 2016 the APVMA revised supported uses of the chemical, restricting it to barrier spraying for RLEM and for use on ornamentals.

Subsequently Arysta, in consultation with the APVMA and industry, invested in a residues program to support the use of Le-Mat (290 g/L omethoate) in various crops.

On completion of the residue program review in December 2018, the APVMA has reinstated the use of Le-Mat in pasture for control of:
·      RLEM
·      blue oat mite
·      lucerne flea
·      spotted clover aphid
·      clover mite (bryobia mite)

This follows the approval for the use of Le-Mat on cereals, canola, pulse, faba beans and poppies last October.

Outcomes of the APVMA evaluation have led to other changes on the label regarding crops, withholding periods and critical comments.

For full details of the recent label changes, please refer to the new label on the Le-Mat web page.