New AmiTron herbicide registered in sugarcane

Arysta is pleased to announce the registration of AmiTron® herbicide in sugarcane.

AmiTron (700g amicarbazone) is a new broad-spectrum herbicide with both pre-and post-emergent activity against grasses, broadleaf weeds (particularly vines) and some sedges.

Whilst newly registered in Australia, this versatile herbicide has proven to be an effective weed control tool in major sugarcane growing countries such as Brazil for the past decade.

Arysta Australia’s head of country Michael Caldwell said AmiTron has shown to be a good fit for cane in Australia.

“Amitron is UV stable and has excellent ability to pass through trash,” he said, “providing a good fit for some application timings not available to many herbicides in cane.”

Key attributes and benefits of AmiTron:

  • UV stable
  • Moves through trash
  • Easily activated
  • Residual control
  • Wide weed spectrum
  • Pre- & post-emergent
  • Good compatibility

With tougher restrictions on herbicide use and applications in the Great Barrier Reef catchment area, new herbicides need to comply with strict environmental standards. Recent studies by the Australian Institute of Marine Science show AmiTron has a low relative toxicity compared to herbicides such as diuron.

AmiTron will be available for distribution from August.

For more information, go to the AmiTron herbicide page.