Acramite wins the fight against mites


Acramite miticide has proved its superiority in a trial comparing it to a generic ‘equivalent’.

Recent trials in Australia and the US show that formulation quality can affect efficacy and performance of two miticides with the same active ingredient.

Arysta undertook local trial work in Australia following US field and lab results demonstrated a significant variation in results between Arysta’s formulation of bifenazate and a generic formulation.

The local trial work comparing the efficacy of Acramite and the generic formulation was conducted independently by NSW Department of Industry at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute. The potted plant glasshouse trial compared control of Two-spotted spider mites by Acramite and the generic bifenazate formulation.

The trial concluded that Acramite offers superior residual control of adult mites and future generations from hatching eggs over time compared to the generic formulation.

Trial results show that significantly higher rates of the generic formulation are required to control 90% and 99.9% of the mite population compared to Acramite.

Acramite offered greater residual control of adult mites compared to the generic formulation, demonstrating significantly better control of adult mites 7, 14 and 21 days after application. After 14 days Acramite demonstrated 83.3% control of adult mites compared to 41.7% control by the generic formulation.

Acramite also gave superior residual control by reducing egg lay and controlling subsequent generations as nymphs hatched from eggs.

The implications of using an inferior formulation are far reaching and may include:

  • A potential yield decrease in the following year if mites are not adequately controlled
  • Increased numbers of overwintering female spider mites to damage the crop next year
  • Leaf drop and premature defoliation of trees (as evidenced in the US field trials conducted by Arysta)

Don’t compromise on mite control this season; choose Acramite for longer, stronger control.